Investing in Aboriginal Art

When purchasing Aboriginal Art, it is important to consider all options. Are you buying the artwork simply because it appeals to you, or are you buying it as an investment piece? Raintree Gallery caters extensively for these alternatives. We exhibit a range of art from renowned artists of various styles, and from diverse regions of Australia.

Authentic Aboriginal Fine Art is sourced directly from local Artists, from art centres in remote communities, or from ethical independent wholesalers. This assures clients a large scope of quality art at competitive prices.

When sourcing Aboriginal Art, particularly for investment, there are a few simple guidelines to assist you in the decision making process.

  1. Decide on your area of interest: Barks, Canvas, Paper?
  2. Determine what region or style of art you find most interesting?
  3. Buy good examples of well-recognised artists; enquire into the artist’s profile, their exhibitions, and the collections their work is featured in.
  4. Buy art created by emerging, well-promoted artists. It can be considered a prospective investment.
  5. When purchasing all Aboriginal artwork, ensure that a Certificate of Authenticity is provided. This should include a provenance and a completion date.
  6. Get to know Aboriginal people, or work with Aboriginal Art Specialists. This will increase your knowledge in this field.
  7. Read and learn as much as possible about Aboriginal art. This will enable you to make educated decisions when purchasing.
  8. Build a collection over time.

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